Nov 26

Praise Reports Are Pouring In!!!!! Here are some more updates….

Hi, My name is Larry and I would like to tell you how God miraculously healed my friend Renee from a long list of diseases, including a form of deafness caused by a tumor in her ear, as well as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, and tinnitus. Many people received healing after listening to the prayer messages of Prophet Glenda. It was when we listened to her inner healing soakings sessions and some of her prayer sessions in our meeting that Renee asked for prayer for her glossopharyngeal neuralgia condition that she suffered from to be healed. We laid hands on her and as a point of contact, prayed in Jesus’ name (Mark 16:18). She was initially still in great pain, as if somebody stabbed through her ear, but the moment the woman of God prayed for tumors and other conditions she stepped back as if she was walking outside to leave the meeting, before she could reach the door the pain completely left her; for the first time in 5 years and to this day the pain has never come back.

She realized that a few months ago that God is real and came back the following week to our prayer session, hoping that we were still playing Prophet Glenda’s messages, despite her parent’s disapproval. We happened to have a prayer night that Saturday and led Renee through the Scriptures about how to be saved. We looked at Scriptures concerning baptism by immersion and Renee then asked to be baptized, which we did straight away in the upstairs bathtub of my house. Afterwards we looked at some Scriptures about receiving the baptismal of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4, Luke 11:13), and we laid hands on her and asked God to fill her with the Holy Spirit, He did just that. As a result she then started to speak in new tongues and was born again, and she credits Prophet Glenda and Apostle Rufus ministry with getting her to the place she needed to be. God healed her immediately, from everything is what she want the prayer ministry and church family to know, and she wants them to know that they have to awesome kingdom gifts in their leaders…

Blessing, Larry

Today, the 15th of November 2016, I was healed through your ministry and prayer team. Praise the Lord! “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Psalms 107:20). Let me tell you what Jesus has done for me Man and Woman of God. Having quite a sedentary job, we, that is, my family and myself, were looking forward to our first vacation holiday in many, many years. Since March 2016, we had prayed for heavy snow at Mount Baw Baw, Australia. And the Lord supplied just that! On the first day of our arrival, temperatures were below zero and we had a small snow storm arrive that day. Soon afterwards we had beautiful powder snow on the ground, which allowed for excellent skiing and snowboarding. I coached my family, frequently about carrying and attaching their ski equipment and I often had to bend down to assist my youngest son, flexing my lumbar region and stretching my upper torso too much. Well, after two days it started raining a little bit, but I eagerly continued skiing against my wife wishes. My clothing got soaked when we all decided, that is us guys to build a big snowman and have a snowball fights in the slush before it all melted away, I also needed to bend over, over and over again to collect snow, wearing my heavy boots.Then something very strange happened to my lower back, there was a popping sound.

At first I thought I had some muscle ache, which I usually tolerate very well, and the popping sound was just a normal alignment of some sort. However, the pain quickly became unbearable and both of my legs became numb and a sharp pain ran through my groin area in my thighs. It felt as if my thigh had exploded! Then, my knee became numb, and I grew scared. Because, it felt as though I had torn something in my groin, and there was this additional sharp stabbing pain on the inside of my knee. The pain seemed to “scream” at me, in my mind, why did you do this, and I cried out in my heart to the Lord for help. These were the symptoms of an injury to the genitofemoral nerve. I was taken to the hospital, and underwent x-rays, but I knew it was a problem, so I continued to pray. My wife turn on some music, some worship songs, and somehow she stumbled upon Prophet Glenda’s soaking sessions, I listened to them over and over again, while in the hospital those few days, and I have to tell you I am nothing short of a miracle, because I walked out a few days later with no pain. When I got back home and went to my doctor, he did some new x-rays and there was no signs of damage… I tell you God is a healer, and I want to personally thank the Apostle and Prophet for their obedience in ministry, because nobodies like me need them to complete the assignment God has on their lives….

Shalom, Daniel

I would like to share a testimony with you about how God healed me through a miracle, being that it is a season of thanksgiving I want you both to know that I am very thankful to God for your various ministries.
A few years ago my back started to ache frequently and fiercely. I went to many doctors but they were unable to find out what was the root cause of my pain. I prayed over and over again but nothing happened. So, I asked God to show me the reason why I have having this great pain. When the pain came back I went again to a doctor but this time he gave me a diagnosis. He showed me an x-ray where you could see that the hip area wasn’t straight – the reason for that was that one of my legs was a little shorter than the other. That’s why my spine was slightly uneven and that is what made my back ache. I got special shoes, which balanced the shorter leg but wearing them was quite exhausting. Then I recall listening to several of Apostle Rufus sermons over YouTube and then later now periscope and Facebook, this caused me to have a newfound hunger for the Word of God, and I began reading the bible again. The bible says the LORD is our healer (Exodus 15:26).

As I now knew the reason for the pain, I asked someone to pray the prayer of agreement with me that my shorter leg would grow longer, but this person told me to call a prayer line, and informed me that she had listened in on one several times and received healing. So, went to my computer and searched for prayer lines, I called and listened in on a few, with no results, then one day I was on Facebook with a friend, she went to her page, and a banner with a prayer popped up, I had her click on the page, it was a prayer page for a prayer ministry called Timely Kingdom Objectives, I got the call-in information and, I sat down on a chair and stretched my legs out as evenly as possible, I listened in to the teaching segment and the testimonies and the prayer request. I didn’t request anything when I called in, I just listened to the prayer go forth– now everyone around me at my house could see that the one leg was nearly an inch shorter than the other, and that I was on a prayer call. While Apostle Fields was praying I didn’t close my eyes, I was in agreement with everything that was being spoken that Tuesday night, and I watched as my leg grew out to match the other! Praise God! I know this to be true, because when I but my shoes on my body was off balance. After that miracle my back pain was completely gone and it has never come back. I also visited the doctor again who made the x-ray. He confirmed that the hip and the spine were straighter than before. Praise the Lord for all his power. I wanted to share this testimony, for it has now been over three years that I received my healing, and I thank God for this ministry. I pray that Apostle Fields and Prophet Glenda continue to share the gift of healing through prayer with others and that God take this ministry around the world…

Brother Ezekiel

I would like to share a testimony with you of how The Lord healed me from tinnitus. One day I woke up suddenly having issues with my hearing, and experiencing a strange noise from the inside of my ears at the same time continuously hearing different sounds. At first I tried to ignore the problem, but it had such an impact on my well-being that I couldn’t sleep for several nights. One night I was so exhausted from this condition that my husband and I decided to pray for some time, we were quoting scriptures from the Bible. This brought some relief and allowed me to sleep for a few hours.

An otolaryngologist gave me some advice on how to live with this disease, however medically speaking there’s not much that can be done according to them. Meanwhile, I spoke to other people and realized just how widespread tinnitus actually is around the globe. Many patients can only fall asleep while listening to music with headphones on their heads to distract them from the ringing noise in their ears. However, it was clear to me that I wouldn’t want to do this, for the rest of my life, so I did not start using headphones.

Many of my friends prayed for me, and I looked up scriptures in the Bible in the full assurance that God would heal me completely. Somehow I knew that I would not spend my whole life with this noise in my ears. In August of last year I stumbled upon your Facebook page while looking at a friend’s page. I clicked on the prayer information, looked at your website, and researched you for the most part. I even listened to some of the YouTube and Blog talk segments. The one Tuesday night after I had had enough of the pain I called in to the prayer line. When the woman of God prayed for various things calling them out one by one, and I heard that which concerned me being prayed for I started praising God for my healing, because I knew that she didn’t know who I was, and then she and the man of God started speaking in another tongue, and a popping sound rang in my ear, it was painful then it stopped. The ringing was gone. Six weeks later, this noise that was plaguing me had totally disappeared, and I realized that I had been completely healed! I started praising God again. I know that on that Tuesday night in August 2015, the Lord heard my prayers and healed me. Since then I have passed my testimony onto many people.

After more than a year without symptoms, there came a time when I feared the tinnitus would return. At first I panicked and was afraid to talk about it, thinking I would be gripped with fear, I eventually started to speak about my worries, and I realized that I could actually speak into existence what I wanted to see in my life. I remembered what a miracle the Lord had done in my life by curing me, and I knew that I didn’t need to fear anything, because God doesn’t make mistakes. Since then, I have always thanked the Lord for His healing power, knowing that He is in total control. The anxious states and sleepless nights are all a thing of the past. The glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ alone, but I have to thank God for your ministry, for your obedience, foe your faithfulness to His plans. The bible says in Matthew 8:17 “That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.” So, I can confidently say that He took our infirmities and carried our sicknesses, and that I am free from disease. Once again, thank you man and woman of God for this healing prayer ministry, and I pray that God will expand your territory, extend your borders and lengthen your cords in this season that He will send you to the nations with every provision being provided.

In His Love,Katlyn

Hi, my name is Glinda I had a tumor growing on my cervix, in February 2014 I went to my doctor for a check-up as I had suffered from light bleeding and severe pains in my womb for the last couple of months. While listening to my symptoms my doctor quickly realized that something was seriously wrong and referred me to our local hospital for a colposcopy. During this examination the specialist realized that I had a large tumor growing on my cervix and told me straightaway that it looks very much like cancer. We all know that Cancer scared many people. As you might imagine I was really shocked and scared and lots of thoughts went through my mind. On the way home from hospital I prayed and asked the Lord for strength, guidance and the miracle of healing and could feel myself become calmer and felt God’s peace come over me. This very much became my way of life over the next couple of weeks; praying and reading the Bible for strength and guidance. At the same time I knew that many people in our local church also kept me in daily prayer and showed a lot of love and support in both spiritual, financial, and practical ways. One scripture which guided me through my lowest moments and really helped me was:

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7)
When I went to the hospital to get the results of the colposcopy I felt at peace and could feel the presence of the Lord with me, knowing that the Lord was with me meant that the actual diagnosis of stage four cervical cancer did not shock me as much, thus, I surprised the doctor and nurses who were with me by how calmly I took the news. It appeared too many of my friends and family as a death sentence. As I was a mother of two young boys I was very quickly referred to see a specialist consultant. Whenever I went to the hospital a very good friend of mine came with me as moral support, so that I did not have to face the doctors, examinations and scans all alone. One of my prayers was that the Lord would provide a Christian cancer consultant who would not pressure me into any unnecessary treatments, but rather would work with me and listen to my heart desires. During this time especially I looked up many scriptures that gave me comfort and encouragement:

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalms 27:1)
“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)
“… let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” (John 14:27)
“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.” (Jeremiah 17:14)
“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:5)

As soon as the suspicion arose that I might die from cancer I started to look into natural remedies and changed my whole diet accordingly. I believe that this change in diet, fresh vegetable juicing and taking nutritional supplements which are known to fight cancer really strengthen my immune system and helped me cope with all the stress of being in and out of hospital for examinations and scans. I knew in my heart that God would heal my body. I was on the computer one Tuesday, which is strange, because I never go on Facebook or YouTube, but it day I did, and I stumbled across some sermons for Global Harvest Kingdom Church, it was the name that drew me. I listened in to several sermons and heard the Man of God say that cancer is not a death sentence, because our God is greater than any cancer! There was a leaping in my spirit man. I continued listening to him preach and drawing strength. I knew God sent me to those sermons that Tuesday.

It took only days from diagnosis to referral and meeting my consultant who looked after me and drew-up my treatment plan. Praise the Lord, God answered my prayer and my consultant was ‘God sent’. He confirmed again that I had stage four cancer of the cervix and that the normal treatment plan would be surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I told him that I am a spirit-filled Christian and that I believe that God will heal me completely and that I do not want to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy at the time. At the same time I told him about all the natural remedies I was taking and that I wanted to continue with this approach. At no point did he go against my wishes, but appeared very supportive even stating “I want you to be happy and comfortable with the treatment you receive…” This really gave me peace of mind and confirmed to me that God was in full control, and walking through this process with me all the way. At this time I had ran across the prayer line of his ministry, and listened in, at the time I heard the woman of God praying for cancer, then she named several types of cancer as she prayed for healing to spring forth. At that time, I believe God had healed me.

After a great deal of prayer I decided to have surgery (a hysterectomy), but no other medical treatment whatsoever. My consultant referred me to different specialists for scans and MRI. I was scheduled for surgery in mid-April and he wanted to make sure that the cancer had not spread. When I went in for surgery the Lord provided me with nurses and other medical staff who looked after me and comforted and encouraged me to keep my eyes on God, to continue to pray for a miracle, and to stand in faith, particularly when none of my family or friends could be with me. While in surgery the doctor found that the tumor was gone and the following day my consultant remarked on how surprised he was that there was no tumor. Later my consultant, who had been my surgeon, stated that he was very surprised that the tumor that was now gone, didn’t cause anything to spread and was in fact a cancer free area, much different than what was shown in the scan. Even though the cancer was gone, there were no tumor, I still had to recover from being cut open. To the surprise of the nurses and doctors I recovered very quickly and without any complications. The consultant was astonished to discover that all the glands were completely free of cancer after running test, but I wasn’t surprised by it. My God baffled the medical staff.

A couple of weeks after surgery we were called in to see the consultant to receive the results of the biopsy of the area that the tumor was last seen in and the surrounding glands. The consultant was astonished to discover that the area the tumor once occupied and all the surrounding glands were completely free of cancer. He seemed out of sorts, as if a miracle couldn’t happen, but the evidence was there, right in his face. I believe that the Lord worked this miracle and removed or dried up the tumor to and destroyed the cancer cells lurking in my pelvis and cervix area. At the moment I have to go in every six month for a check-up, but I have received a letter from the hospital stating that there is no concern that the cancer will return! I can only praise the Lord and thank Him for how He drew me closer to Him in this difficult time, partly carrying me through and giving me indescribable reassurance that I will be absolutely fine! I have to thank God for allowing me to stumble upon your ministry, and listen to the prayer call, all in order for you two to be a vehicle that He would use to bring forth my healing. Praise the Lord!
I just want to thank all the people who prayed for me, and supported me and my family in so many different ways during this difficult time, but most of all I want to thank God for your OBEDIENCE, that the woman of God for calling out cervical cancer in her prayer, and demanding it to dry out in Jesus Name! Well, God caused it to do just that!

Love in Christ,Glinda

When my brother was young, he was examined at the hospital and my parents had to be told that it was epilepsy. As a result he was prescribed a lot of medications. As he got older and went to school it got worse, when he tried to play sports it got worse, and when he had a fit his temperature would drop below 36°C and he would feel very ill… When I became a Christian I heard that God healed people through Christ Jesus, and that He is able to heal people even today as well. I prayed that if this God I heard so much about really existed then He would completely heal my brother. At that point I knew in my heart that Stephen would be healed.

One year later I went to a prayer conference together with my children, and Stephen tagged alone. One day there was a healing evening where people could ask for prayer from the pastors. I took the opportunity and asked for prayer for my brother. The pastor laid hands on him and prayed that he’d never have an epileptic attacks again. Well, this didn’t work, or this God I had heard about for many years, really didn’t exist. My brother is now 15 years old, and I was searching for a prayer ministry over the internet, when he saw a page that caught his attention. I clicked on the page, and saw that it was a prayer ministry. I went to the leader’s website, and read some of the testimonies of what God had done for them. I thought there is nothing to lose, so the next day was Tuesday, and I called in to listen to the prayer call. I remember that the woman of God was praying for people with seizures and epilepsy. I called for my brother Stephen to come in the room and listen, and when he heard her praying for his condition, he started to cry, he could not believe that God told someone thousands of miles away about him. Since that day he hasn’t had an epileptic fit, and no longer has to take any medication! Praise God!

On that Friday of the same week that she prayed, we went to the doctor to confirm the healing. The doctor couldn’t believe what he saw. He said that there was no longer any sign of epilepsy with Stephen! My brother has been completely free from any seizures or epilepsy fits since he received his healing on that prayer call. It was the best proof for me that the Bible is true, and that God really does exist. So, that Sunday at church I gave my life to Christ and have been faithful to God ever since.

“For I am the Lord that healeth thee.” (Exodus 15:26).

Love in Christ, Corey

My name is Christiana and I would like to pass on the testimony of the healing power of God in the life of a friend of mine whose name is Reva. She was diagnosed with a malignant cancer, located between the forehead sinus cavity area and the brain. She was meant to have an operation done by a certain doctor, but she was unsure about going under the knife and asked me for advice. I didn’t know what to do, so I prayed about it and I was led by God to your website. Once there I looked at your ministries and read through some of the praise reports people shared. Then I looked at the prayer call information and decided that if God could heal those people, He could heal my friends as well.

So, Tuesday came, and we got on the call, we listened in and waited for someone to pray regarding cancer. During prayer call the woman of God prayed about various forms of cancer, even cancer in the temple area of the head and brain. She prayed about brain tumors, etc., and we stood in agreement for her healing. To our surprise, Reva received word that this operation would take place within a few days, which was already very unusual, thus God was moving on her behalf, but we were still believing God for her healing. She then went in for the pre-operation testing, but I continued to pray for her. They did many examinations, Reva then excitedly rang me to pass on the amazing news that all the pre-operation tests had shown no signs of cancer. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her!!! They had examined her very thoroughly and had found absolutely nothing, although she had previously clearly been diagnosed with a serious form of malignant cancer. Praise the Lord for this miraculous healing! Want to thank God for leading me to your website, and for the opportunity to listen in on the prayer call, at the right time, on the right day, and my dear friend being healed. God is truly amazing! Thank you man and woman of God for this awesome healing prayer ministry. I pray that God provides everything you need in this season, and that you and your family lack nothing.

Blessing, Christiana

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