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We all have relationships. Most of us are looking for improved skills for creating and maintaining healthy, intimate relationships, and find ourselves struggling to achieve effective communication and a sense of joy and peace in all our relationships. We all learned math and the state capitals in school, but nowhere in our traditional education did we learn simple communication skills. In working with families, couples, and individuals for more than 20 years, We have found that communication is one of the most important keys to grasp in having a success of relationships.

Relationship Counseling Sessiona are avaible over the phone and in person by appointment. For pre-marital, relationships, couples, etc…


Remember that only one person can speaks at a time. It is key that each person must hear the other through and respond to what they have said before taking their turn!

Open Your Heart: Realize that the person may not be aware of the impact of their actions and how their actions affect you.

Validate: Validate the person you are speaking with, reassure them that they have your support.

“I am feeling”: State what it is that you are feeling or experiencing at the the in a calm manner.

Request: Request clearly what you desire from the relationship and/or the person.

Repeat: Ask your partner to repeat back to you what you have said to him/her. Solicit feedback.

Plan: Plan and negotiate together how your request can be honored with both parties desires being fulfilled.

Agree: Agree on the plan. (Remember that often a plan must include a time deadline for the request to be honored, make space for compromises and modifications.)

Reiterate: Reiterate the agreement to each other. This is crucial to be certain that all parties clearly understand the agreement.

Thanks: Thank the person for their willingness to communicate with you effectively, positively, openly, calmly, etc.

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