Life Coach

Here are some of the service we provide through Life Sessions:
Specialized Training Offered By Gods Anointed Minstries “Life Coaches”

Motivate – Activate – Celebrate
Successful Living Through a Positive Attitude
Effective Communications
Designing Your Divine Destiny
Living a Life of Excellence
Stress Management – Innovative Relaxation Techniques
Self Esteem Sessions
Tools for Life Success
Teen Summit “Our Future Is Now…”
Total Man/ Total Woman
Want to learn more?
Every Challenge Has a Solution!

Pastor Rufus and Glenda Fields can help you improve your life, and help you to become empowered to achieve your life’s goals the way God designed! Call for yourself, your family, your friends, or your chruch groups. We offer group and individual session — Training session can even be done over the phone.

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  1. Minister Ruth Agather Simiyu

    May God bless the great work that you are doing for his glory and honor.please prayer for me Ruth Agather Simiyu 18 years old would like to jion Bible college but do not have the fee for me jion.amen
    Ruth Agather Simiyu

    1. Regina

      LauraDear Glenda,This poem is so comforting. The reipateng phrase, If I could take a walk with you, I’d take your hand and pray just soothes the soul. Maybe it’s because I know that you really are such a faithful woman of prayer, and I can picture you solemnly praying that your brethren would really know, in their innermost being, the faith, hope and love we have in the Lord. My prayer that all of the writings of the saints would abundantly touch and change lives for the kingdom. Thank you for this beautiful and edifiying poem. And .., I love the snow falling in the background-what a tranquil touch!Love you,Laura

  2. admin


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