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You look in your own home, step back and look at life. One might say, “God I know
life is better than this”. Lord, help me to see the way you see and let me love the way you love (Unconditionally). You find yourself doing all the right things, saying all the right things, being around all the right people and yet, you still are not enjoying fulfillment. You find yourself smiling on the outside, and at the same time crying on the inside. Until one day, someone help you realize that you believed in God, but you did not have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

The value of life for you just went up. You now know what it cost in order for you to have eternal life through Jesus Christ. You began to look at life for what it really is, even in the UP’s and Down’s the Good and the Bad, the Test and the Storms. You began to appreciate this thing we call life.

You now find your self saying, “Lord I don’t know much and I don’t have much, but such as I have I will give it all to You. Your life began to change for the better and you say if I can help just one person and that one person help another person and so on, and so what a difference we all can make together. We can change the world one person at a time!

You seek to make a positive change in life for yourself and others even when others do not understand your motives, drive or passion.

You find yourself volunteering in the local church (not just your church) and also in the community around you. You began to have a heart to meet the needs of the people. You are compelled to tell people that Jesus Christ “Saves”.

You trust God totally and completely in and for all things. You are pursuing His purpose, plan, and destiny for your life. You are ready to live your life to the fullest and receive all that God has in store for you in this season and in the future.

You’ve learn to take the mask off(stop sending your representative) and be transparent to reach one for the Kingdom of God. You have counted the cost and said yes, Lord! Well, you have decided to step up your prayer life, to intercede more, to be a watchmen on the wall, and the become a gate keeper for the Kingdom of God? Join Us, we have a intercessory prayer ministry “Timely Kingdom Objectives” and also the (T.K.O) Apostles and Prophets team check out the page.

If this is you, or if you are seeking direction we need your help to make an impact for the next generation!

For more information contact:

Gods Anointed Ministries
P.O. Box 1101
Desoto, Texas 75123-1101